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URC’s MX-5000, PSX-2 and MX-6000 Garner Rave Reviews

December 3, 2009

Universal Remote Control, Inc., couldn’t have asked for a better 2009 in terms of accolades from the press.


In January, CE Pro‘s Julie Jacobson called the ultimate iPod dock, URC’s PSX-2 Personal Server, the Best Product of CES 2009. Among Julie’s reasons: “What makes the dock smart are the ‘hooks’… that enable users to do the unthinkable: like add the current song to a playlist – on the fly. Try doing that with an iPod.”

URC's MX-6000

In June, Home Entertainment‘s Dennis Burger reviewed URC’s MX-6000 Two-Way Color Touch Screen. His verdict: “For the first time, I’m using a remote control system that works exactly the way I think it should… The MX-6000 simply rocks, in the parlance of our times. It’s an incredibly flexible, sophisticated remote that scales beautifully to just about any home entertainment setting, from a one-room media room to a whole private residence’s worth of audio, video and automation.”

URC's MX-5000

In November, Matt Burns of spent some quality time with URC’s MX-5000 Two-Way Color Touch Screen Remote: the world’s first wand-style touch screen remote control with haptic technology, which provides vibrating feedback with every touch screen press. Matt called the MX-5000 “the best remote on the planet,” supporting that judgment with statements like, “[H]oly cow, it’s effen amazing”; “It feels like a million bucks… easily the best-feeling remote I have ever used”; “the easiest way to control Windows Media Center with a remote that I have ever used”; and “the complete package: candy bar form factor, totally customizable, Wi-Fi- and RF-enabled, and it feels amazing.”

Those were just a few of the raves and awards URC garnered in 2009. As you might expect, there’s more to come in 2010. If you’re media and would like a sneak preview, let me know at BeeElevated at!

Interested consumer? Check out URC’s website for more info, or locate a URC dealer near you!

— Joe Paone